Software Testing

Software Testing

What is Software Testing

Software testing is a process to find if it’s developed as per the requirement considering the different attributes such as its Reliable, Scalable, Portable, Re-usable, and Usability.

In this process, each component of the software is tested to find any defect or bug, or error.

Types of Software Testing

Software testing is a very broader term that involves different types of testing at various levels.

Below is the pictorial representation of the Software testing type:

Manual Testing

It’s the process of verifying and validating the software without the help of any tools and all the required testing is done manually and performed by human beings.

A prerequisite to do this type of testing is to have a functional understanding of the software.

Manual testing is divided into three categories:

  • White-Box
  • Black-Box
  • Grey-Box

Automation Testing

It’s a process of performing testing using automation tools or testing is performed automatically with the input we supply.

Image Source: Trello

A prerequisite to do this type of testing is to have test cases that are written while performing manual testing. These test cases are further analyzed and based on priority it’s automated using any automation tool. Once the test case is automated human efforts are not required to perform this type of testing. However, there are several factors that need to be taken care of before and during automation testing.

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