Git & GitHub Tutorial For Beginners

Git & GitHub For Beginners

We will be looking into what is Git and how we can work with GitHub in a simple way. If you don’t have any prior knowledge these tutorials are going to help to start with Git and GitHub.

So let’s first discuss what is Git actually and why we need it. Sometimes you are working on a code base, where you’re making a lot of changes and you want to track what are the different changes you did to the source code itself.

  • Based on the time stamp I want to know when and what changes in particular I did.
  • There can be another use case where there are a number of people working on the same code base, and its a distributed co-located team, I am working on a file and another team member is working on the same file, so how exactly we can keep a tab of each and every changes in the code base.
  • It is important to have control over all these changes. what people are making.
  • I want to know what are the different changes each individual has done.
  • What was the time period when these changes were done?

For all these purposes we have Git, it is a utility you need to install in your system based on the operating system you have to download the installer.

You can click on the playlist icon and from there you can watch all the videos which I have uploaded on YouTube.

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