Back-End Test Automation

Back-End Test Automation

Backend testing is performed on the database and application user interface (AUI). Backend testing does not require GUI testing.

When automating backend testing, you should understand database and API testing.

Running a back-end test ensures that data flows continuously without performance degradation.

Backend testing increases QA costs but provides numerous benefits

Backend API testing is incredibly important and forms the backbone of our test automation strategy. Following are some of the benefits of Back-End Testing Automation:

  • Find defects earlier, when the cost of fixing them is the lowest.
  • Check full test coverage and test your application in more detail.
  • Avoid problems like crashes and data loss.
  • Improve system operational stability and robustness.
  • Improve data quality and detect performance problems earlier.

Tools for Back-End Testing Automation

Compared to manual testing, automated testing is the most innovative method of software testing. Backend testing automation tools can simplify the testing process in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Some of these tools are open-source tools that offer many features and integrations.

  • Testim is considered the best tool for scalability. Testim Automate uses AI to locate the visual elements and increase the stability of UI functionality during testing.
  • Postman includes various essential request methods and tools for efficient API testing.
  • SOAP UI is a leading Functional Testing tool for SOAP and REST testing.
  • Kobiton is a cloud-based platform for simultaneously accessing and running manual and automated tests on various devices.
  • JMeter is a tool for Load Testing to analyze and measure the performance of the software.
  • Mabl is best for executing and maintaining low-code automated API tests.
  • Testrigor is for no-code scalability and end-to-end automation tests.
  • Telerik is a cost-efficient automated test execution platform with a built-in code editor.

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