Re-Testing vs. Regression Testing

What is Re-Testing?

Retesting is the review of specific test cases where defects were found in the final execution. Typically, testers discover these errors while testing software and let their developers fix them. The developers then fix the bug and send them back to the testers for review. This ongoing process is called retesting.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a type of software testing that is done to verify that a change to the code has not affected the current features and functionality of the application.

Re-Testing vs. Regression Testing: Key Difference

#Re-TestingRegression Testing
1Re-testing is carried out to confirm the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after the defects are fixedRegression Testing is carried out to confirm whether a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features
2Re-testing is done on the basis of the Defect fixesThe purpose of Regression Testing is that new code changes should not have any side effects to existing functionalities
3Defect verification is the part of re-testingDefect verification is not the part of Regression Testing
4Priority of re-testing is higher than regression testing, so it is carried out before regression testingBased on the project and availability of resources, Regression Testing can be carried out parallel with Re-testing
5You cannot automate the test cases for RetestingYou can do automation for regression testing, Manual Testing could be expensive and time-consuming
6Re-testing is a planned testingRegression testing is known as a generic testing
7Retesting is done only for failed test casesRegression testing is done for passed test cases
8Re-testing makes sure that the original fault has been correctedRegression testing checks for unexpected side-effects
9Re-testing executes a defect with the same data and the same environment with different inputs with a new buildRegression testing is only done when there is any modification or changes become mandatory in an existing project
10Test cases for retesting cannot be obtained before start testing.Test cases for regression testing can be obtained from the functional specification, user tutorials and manuals, and defect reports in regards to corrected problems

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