Nonreproducible bugs can be the most expensive bugs, the company might release…….
We observe many of the time program miss behavior in the way you can’t replicate it. You see failure but don’t know how to reproduce it.
You are always in a dilemma whether to report or not. What will customer think? credibility ?? etc etc….The programmer has a tool that you don’t have. If you report symptoms clearly it will be easy to trace bug. And bug getting fixed.

Yes, we know that nonreproducible bugs are ignored by the programmer. But its always good to have them in the bug tracker.

When you report a nonreproducible bug, make it very clear that you cannot replicate the bug. Some tracking system has the field for this—-Can you reproduce this: Yes/no/intermittent/unknown.

Using PrintScreen, a screen recording etc can help you prove the existence of UFO 🙂

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    Absolutely correct !!!

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