White box and black box testing are terms used to describe the point of view a test engineer takes when designing test cases. Black box being an external view of the test object and white box being an internal view. Software testing is partly intuitive, but largely systematic. Good testing involves much more than just running the program a few times to see whether it works. Thorough analysis of the program under test, backed by a broad knowledge of testing techniques and tools are prerequisites to systematic testing. Software Testing is the process of executing software in a controlled manner; in order to answer the question “Does this software behave as specified?” Software testing is used in association with Verification and Validation. Verification is the checking of or testing of items, including software, for conformance and consistency with an associated specification. Software testing is just one kind of verification, which also uses techniques as reviews, inspections, walk-through. Validation is the process of checking what has been specified is what the user actually wanted.

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