aLogcat is an Android app which allows you to collect the log from the device. This can be very helpful for the developer to debug the app. Many times we see that it’s hard to reproduce crashes in the application. To capture that you can always use aLogcat.

You can view the log in plain text or HTML. No USB required.

Set log format / level / buffer, filter logs by regex, clear log file, save to SD.

Share logs via any application that handles plain text or HTML sharing, including Gmail, Email, Bluetooth, and others.

Optionally save log files at specified intervals in the background.

You can download the app from the link:

One Thought to “How to get logs in Android device???”

  1. logs can be generated using dalvik debugger [DDMS] as well. Difference is in GUI and ease in getting log reports.
    How to:
    Go to RUN from start menu and type DDMS , then press OK.Or simply Run DDMS from Command prompt.
    Once device/emulator is attached you can generate log.

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